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Company provides high tenacity PP multi filament yarn produced with world best extrusion line of SML Austria. We are offering high tenacity PP multifilament yarn from
Denier           : 210 to 5000 Denier
Type              : Flat, Intermingled, Twisted construction
Twist range : 50 TPM up to 300 TPM
Direction      : both S and Z direction.
All High tenacity PP multifilament yarn is available in UV and various colours as per customer requirement.
1) Filter and Industrial fabric,
2) Geo Fabrics,
3) HDPE & PP woven Sack mouth and bottom closing
4) Sewing Thread for FIBC (Fully integrated Bulk Container),
5) Shoe Stitching ,
6) PVC Hose Pipe Reinforcement,
7) High tenacity slings.
8) Tapes or narrow woven fabrics for school and luggage bags.
 High Tenacity Twine
Two and multiple plied twine are commonly used as Stitching and Sewing Threads for sealing bags in sugar, rice and fertilizers industry. Apart from these applications it is also used for manufacturing fishing nets.
 PP Webbing
Webbing is used for manufacturing soft luggage, traveling/school bags.

We also produce high tenacity webbing used in jumbo bags.

We produce webbing with size ranging from 10 mm up to 75mm.

 PP Crimp Yarn
We have Polypropylene Multifilament Crimp yarns in different shades and deniers, the range
being Deniers from 65 to 210. For reference you can see our shade card. We can also supply Crimp
Yarn in different shades dpending customer requirement and specifications. We also supply PP HE
(High Elongation yarn) our yarn is used in manufacturing of elastic tape and in garment industry.
 PP Fibrilated Yarn
PP fibrillated yarns are manufactured using Polypropylene. It posses features like low shrinkage and color fastness. Our pp fibrillated yarn finds application in various industries. Its advantage is that it doesn’t catches dust as Multifilament yarn and is used in stitching bags for FDA industry.

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